Oh, eyebrows!

When somebody asks me which part of man’s physique I value the most, normally, my reply rises eyebrows as the answer is “Eyebrows!” 🙂  Yes, I believe, nothing gives so much masculine charm as a pair of dark bushy eyebrows. And on the contrary, plucked eyebrows on men (and overplucked on women) make the whole look so incredibly stupid that can serve as an indicator of no brain. To be more general, I’d say that to me a man is attractive when he is slightly hairy and looking a little wild.

Maybe I would not have written this post if not reading a few articles discussing the ‘pro’ and ‘against’ reasons of hair removal. Men are becoming victims of the war declared on body hair, just like women. Does anyone have an idea why some men shave their chest, underarms and, the worst, legs? Humans and hairless plastic dolls are not the same thing. Needless to say, everybody does what s(he) wants to, but is that what THEY want or numerous ads are advising them to?