Moscow: thoughts born inside the crowd


The smell of motherland I felt already at the airport. Short skirts, high hills, gloomy faces, arrogant, estimating looks and, finally, “Malta – Sheremetyevo” on the panel above check-in desks – told me all together: “Welcome back! You are on the right way!”. All the memories were revived immediately and the shadow of doubt lied upon my thoughts – “Do I really miss Russia?”. Russians have a bad habit: they (or we?) absolutely cannot keep physical distance between themselves and others. What means that standing in line people almost press on neighbors. Waiting for my turn to pass check-in I stood exactly on the yellow line and did not move any further. Such harmless absence of actions irritated the lady standing behind. “You are not moving forward” – she nervously noted. Her eyes were piercing and mouth resembled a narrow chink. I was not in mood to argue, expectancy of Russia coming towards, softened my, usually sharp, tongue. I peacefully replied that two steps forward wouldn’t speed up the check-in procedure. However, the lady did not give up. She poured on me streams of oratory and anger, blaming me in “keeping all the others behind waiting !!!”. God, god!.. Might think, the airplane would depart straight away as soon as this lady passes check-in and comes on board. It was a sincere “Welcome back!” of mother-Russia. Few hours after I was going to see millions of clones of the lady behind… It’s better to be prepared.

the Apocalypse
The flight was OK. The young age, absence of family and children eliminated any fear.

5.00 am in Moscow, the bright sun was already high. By my heart and soul I hate Sheremetyevo, an absolutely horrible airport… One, two, three – I was counting hours before the bank opened, I could exchange some money and off from this place. Then an hour was spent in a mini bus which brought us to the closest metro station. Some 30 minutes in line to buy metro tickets. Another Russian bad habit is to skip a turn and to pass it as faster as possible. If one manages to outrun one in front of him – he fells proud like a hero. Of course, the fooled one shouldn’t have been a scatterbrain, he didn’t watch – his fault then. You say, Russians never smile. Just imagine them being on alert all the time! Would you smile on their place? Doubt so. A friendly, polite person is considered as strange or even suspicious. Ah, yes, forgot, “Laugh without a reason reveals your foolishness” Russian say.

Moscow doesn’t wait. It doesn’t stop for a minute to take a breath out and to look around. People run down and up escalator, saving seconds using every opportunity to outrun, to skip, to push but the main is not to stop even for a second. The underground of Moscow is probably the best in the world: it’s clean, beautifully decorated, very fast and efficient. Trains pass exactly in 1, maximum 2 minutes (I’m not joking). That’s why it’s totally out of my understanding why to run, pushing others, if another train will be there in a few moments. What is one minute in your life? Ok, the platform will be crowed again, but that’s Moscow. Does 1 minute worth pushing people away, offending by these stony faces? After a while you stop feeling these people as real. It feels like someone moves decorations but nothing changes around you. I’ve become a bit Mediterranean. Now I know: there is no worse time waste than chasing life. Why is such life needed if you miss everything nice in it? Ah, yes, no time to think. They must run into and out, the train’s doors stay open few seconds only…

Life in Moscow is a test for your humanity. It kills every seed of kindness. No, seriously, faces of passers-by scare. They can be attractive but always with absence of emotions, and with alertness in the eyes. They are mollusks pretending to be humans. From a very young age they have been growing these shells to hide inside. Weakness is prohibited. The material success is highly desired. Which means to get a public respect you should make a breathtaking career, be on the top of mainstream and demonstrate material, glamorous success. The ways of achieving it are up to you. You may go on heads straight to your aim, it won’t be disapproved. The rules correspond to the game. Unlimited opportunities сan make you drunk….

Moscow, heterogeneous, showy crowds… Everyone wants to stand out the crowd. To look original, unique and smart. There are so many ways how to highlight this “originality”: expensive clothes, posh cars, luxury jewels. Women dream to put themselves inside those cars, clothes, jewels… And some manage, speeding their Porsche, Mersedes or Ferrary, expensive bitches pretending to be queens of the modern world. The dream of many is sell themselves sd more expensive as possible.

No, guys, I disagree. It’s far more complex to save yourself, to rescue drying up seeds of kindness, not to let yourself chase delusive success. However, I’m afraid it’s not easy. It’s, probably, the main personal success one can achieve.

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